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About me

“Adventure can be everywhere, be imaginative enough to escape”

An ordinary person

I’ve always admired and envied all those who quit their jobs just to be able to travel continuously and live their passion. These fortunate few regularly post amazing pictures and write about fantastic experiences from various corners of the world. They sometimes fly in business class, are invited to stay in the best 5 star hotels and get to sample the most colourful and delicious meals, which they also post on their Instagrams. They make us dream, they inspire us to follow their example and they educate us about what lies beyond our comfort zone.

Even if the flip is tempting, not everyone can quit one’s job to lead a life around travel. For me the thrill of travelling and discovering is something you can experience everyday, so here I am, sharing with you my thoughts about travel and philosophizing about the world around me. I have not quit my job, nor sold my house or belongings to travel the world. I am not a millionaire either. I am just an ordinary person, working in a corporate set up and trying to escape the monotony whenever and wherever possible.

How it all started…

When you look at me, you’ll definitely say I look Indian, but under the brown skin are multiple layers of various influences. I have been based in New Delhi since 2014 but I have spent most of my life between Europe and Asia. I speak French better than I speak Hindi or Tamil and my English is not so bad.

Often far from my home and family, due to my job, I started this travel blog to share news with them, but soon travel enthusiasts joined the reading and the increasing number of followers led me to structure it in a more ‘organised manner’ and share my passions in multiple ways.

The content

In terms of content of this blog, you’ll find a variety. I prefer the offbeat tracks to the regular one, the small things that make you happy everyday, I believe in Carpe Diem. I like to write stories of the incredible people I meet, their life, their thoughts, their initiatives, accomplishment and the way they see life.

I also write about things to do in the different cities that I have lived in. From Sao Paulo to Moscow and from Delhi to Paris; countries that I visited for a long or short stays; experiences I had – romantic week ends, adventurous journeys, food specialities that I tasted and shopping tips etc. I hope that everyone from vagabond and solo travellers to family people and corporate junkie, etc. will find something interesting here.

You will also find reviews of some of the hotels I have been to and the events I organised or participated in. I also share my tips with all those travelling for work and trying to escape for a quick city tour.

As an artist at heart, I love to create design and other multimedia content, I share my sketches, photos and videos but also write ups on anything artistic that I come across.

What’s important

I dont know if I can call myself a travel & lifestyle blogger or a travel writer, truth is I dont really bother about denomination, I am just an inhabitant of the planet earth, sharing my thoughts and real experiences.

I have been travelling since I was a kid and I actually never stopped. India occupies a special place in my heart. Born abroad, raised in multiple cultures, I discover India with new eyes everyday.

One thing that you’ll always find in my writings is the socio-cultural component. I attach great importance to travelling responsibly, understanding the local culture and respecting the environment. No matter where I go, I believe the human interaction is key.

Thanks for reading me till here!

I hope you now understand better who I am and what’s the idea behind this blog. I’ll be happy to answer your questions anytime. Just wanted to precise that this travel blog you are reading is not a promotion tool and not drive by advertorials or paid features. I only share my real experiences. Blogging is not my full time job, it’s just my digital connect to people who just like me, might be looking for information, tips, and maybe inspiration.

A bit about the companies I work with

I started my career as a journalist then a strategic consultant based in EU and soon realize that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I flew to India and started a company in the media & digital space but I never left my « plume » and continue to write about a various range of topics that are of interest to me. You can read me in French and English across various publications.

Media India Group & Asiacom already work with several travel professionals around the world including National Tourism Offices, Tourism departments of several State Governments in India, Hotels, Airlines, Tour Operators, etc. I also visited most of the major international tourism fairs around the world including WTM (London), ITB (Berlin & Asia), FITUR (Spain), Top Resa (Paris) and INDABA (Durban).

I dont like to call myself an influencer but more a specialist with expertise and knowledge, with over 10 years of experience in the tourism, media & digital industry understanding the market and its players.

Current stats of this blog : 30,000+ followers online (Twitter/Facebook/Insta) 10,000+ views on my posts every week,  About 30 countries visited.

My blog in French on India : www.actuinde.com

For more info, please email me at christinenayagam@gmail.com

Photos & videos disclaimer 

I usually dont put a copyright tag on my pictures because I found it boring and it kills the beauty of the moment. But if you want to use any material, photos, videos, text, kindly email me first and add “copyright : Christine Nayagam – The Indian globetrotter – Travel Blog – www.indianglobetrotter.com”

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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